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Toyota Etios Car Rental For Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur And Around

Toyota Etios

Hire Toyota Etios in Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur And Around online on Jaisalmer And Around at the best prices. The Toyota Etios is a line of four-door sedan; easily affordable and reliable at low running costs. The front seats are wide and accommodating and offer good support all around. At the rear, there's plenty of legroom and the seats are among the comfiest in the class; the back rest is perfectly inclined and there’s a good amount of under-thigh support as well. The wide bench allows three adults to sit quite comfortably, especially as the central tunnel is not very intrusive. And what also helps add to the feeling of space is the large window area. A spacious and solidly put-together cabin has always been the Etios' features, and so is the case with the facelift. If you are planning to travel in Jaisalmer, Toyota Etios Car rental in Jaisalmer would be the best option at affordable price. We would provide you the car in the best condition.

•    Seating Capacity- 3 + 1
•    Seat Belts- Yes
•    Luggage Capacity- 3 bags
•    Air Conditioning- Yes
•    Heater- Yes
•    Power Window- Yes
•    Air Bags- Yes


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