Jaisalmer the Golden city of Rajasthan is located in the heart of Thar Desert where the wide stretches of the sand dunes can be seen. The main attractions of the Jaisalmer Tour Packages are Havelis which are Salim Singh ki Haveli, Nathmal ji ki Haveli, and Patwon ki Haveli. Salim Singh ki Haveli was built by Salim Singh where the stones are connected with the strong iron rods. The Haveli is known for its unique and distinctive architecture where the rooftop offers spectacular views of the picturesque vista. The architecture of the mansion is inspired by the dancing peacock and is a great example of the intricate carvings of bygone era.

The Haveli is built beside the hills of Jaisalmer near Jaisalmer Fort. The Havelis brilliantly depicts the brilliant architectural styles and artistic styles of the bygone royal era. The carved balconies of the Havelis have distinctive and unique design throughout the Haveli. Jaisalmer Fort popularly known as Golden Fort or Sonar Quila due to its yellow sandstone architectural glitters like gold when the sun rays fall over it and changes it color with the sunrays and here is from it got its name Golden fort.

 Check out our Desert Safari Tour Package as Jaisalmer is incomplete without the Camel Safari which is exciting and thrilling. The Camel safari or the Jeep safari is the best way to explore the remote areas of the villages and interact with the local people. The wide stretches of the Jaisalmer dunes offers mesmerizing sunset views that are worth to capture and the beautiful view of the sand changing its colors.

10 days Jaisalmer Tour Package lets the visitors witness the real side of the rustic and rural beauty of Rajasthan. The lifestyle of the people, accommodation in the huts with the straws roofs and the Rajasthani cuisines can be experienced during the tour. For the proper accommodation of the visitor’s hotels, resort or the tented accommodation can be chosen. Most of the visitors prefer tented accommodation to enjoy the bonfire, local dance and music and Rajasthani cuisines under the open sky. Visit Jaisalmer to witness the heritage, culture and lifestyle of the places of Jaisalmer. The historical monuments, brilliantly architectures Havelis, desert safari and camp site makes the tour to Jaisalmer memorable and unforgettable. The tour can be further tailored and customized with the surrounding sightseeing areas depending on the interest and time of the individual.